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Avanafil is one of the many drugs that were introduced and brought to the pharmaceutical industry to treat erectile dysfunction. It is also called as stendra. Many men in today’s world deal with erectile dysfunction. Many don’t discuss about this openly fearing criticism and sarcastic comments. But you will be surprised to know that it is not as grave as you think it is. Erectile dysfunction can now be treated. There are many similar drugs, but many prefer avanafil since it is very effective with minimal side effects and is also pocket-friendly. So you don’t have to pay a bomb to get such drugs.

Generic Name:AvanafilStrength:100mg
Brand Name:StendraDelivery Time:7-10 Days (International)
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Do not even think of buying avanafil without prescription. It may prove dangerous and harmful to your health. Always buy avanafil 100mg which is also the most prescribed dose by many doctors. But again it is always safe to ask your doctor for a better advice and suggestion.

Action Mechanism of Avanafil (Stendra)

Avanafil is basically an oral medication. It treats impotency effectively and quickly as compared to other drugs. Impotency is nothing but inefficiency in achieving an erection. This issue is dreaded by many, but now with the availability of so many drugs it is easy to treat erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing the blood flow and the blood flow once increased it reaches the male private organ. This in turn causes erections to happen and this way any man can enjoy long hours of love making with his partner. Gone will be the days when you and your partner spend nights quarrelling over dissatisfaction on bed. You can purchase your dose of avanafil 100mg online. It is the best way to get your right dose with the best possible deals. Once you place your order it will be delivered to the said address. Avanafil also develops nitric oxide to the penis which causes stimulation and then leads to a successful erection. The effect of the same stays longer which helps couples around the globe to enjoy longer hours of intimacy and love making. This will not only help you deal with erectile dysfunction but also improve your overall relation. Avanafil is definitely FDA approved.

Precautionary Measures of Avanafil

  • There are many precautionary measures that need to be taken care of before you consume avanafil.
  • Avanafil 100mg is not meant for ladies or kids. Considering it treats erectile dysfunction it is only meant for people with impotency which is men.
  • You cannot use and consume this drug only if you are not allergic to such chemical components. Especially if you have been a heart patient or if you have a liver or kidney disease do not even think of consuming avanafil.
  • The clash of drug may incur additional health issues. So if you are already on medication do not consume avanafil. The chemical components of avanafil and any other drug will cause harmful side effects
  • If any kind of side effects stay for longer period of time, do visit a doctor immediately, because side effects are supposed to stay for just a short period of time.
  • The dose of your medicine should totally depend on what your doctor prescribes. Do not be your own doctor because that will only create more problems.
  • Buy cheap avanafil 100mg and once you have got it, make sure you consume it only with water and not alcohol. Alcohol consumption with such drugs will only increase your chances of low blood pressure.

Dosage of Avanafil 100 mg

  • For many individuals who deal with impotency the best and the most recommended dosage will be avanafil 100mg. But honestly, the dosage of any drug for that matter totally depends on body to body. Previous medical history, weight, height ad also age of a person will tell what the right dose is. For people already on medication, the dose of avanafil will differ. Whatever dose you take, please make it a point to visit your doctor. If you feel shy discussing such issues, you can also visit a doctor who has known for years.
  • Whenever you visit them, give a detail report about all your medical conditions so that even the doctor is not wrong in prescribing what right for you. It is more like you help your doctor and he helps you with the right dosage.

Common Side Effects of Avanafil

  • Avanafil treatment for erectile dysfunction is another magical drug invented by the pharmaceutical industry. Side effects and drugs are like partners. They go hand in hand. So do not panic if you experience any side effects. Many of the commonly seen side effects are low blood pressure, blurred vision, nausea and also sometimes nasal congestion. The said effects are mild and they do not stay for a long period of time. Usually they disappear within a short span of time. The other severe effects are erections that last longer than expected. They cause discomfort and can stay even after the act. Often it gets embarrassing, so make sure if you have this effect, you talk to your doctor.
  • Some of the other severe side effects that avanafil 100mg can give is chest pain, strokes, palpitations also dizziness and a feeling of ringing in the ears. Such cases are said to be very rare. So if you are among the rare cases, make sure you talk about it to your doctor. To keep all this in control always makes sure that you take the right dose. You can always buy avanafil online from trusted websites to be sure of its authenticity.

Warnings of Avanafil

Before you plan or even think of resorting to avanafil to treat your erectile dysfunction, make sure you read the few warnings that it comes with.

  • This drug is strictly meant for people with erectile dysfunction. If you do not have a problem and consume this drug for stimulation or better love making purposes, forget it will ever do good to you. You will have erections that can last for a couple of hours.
  • Also avanafil does have side effects. So be mentally prepared for the same. Stay calm and composed. If any side effects make sure you visit your doctor and talk about it.
  • Don’t be your own healthcare provider when there are so many qualified and professionals around you. If you want to start or discontinue the dose of this drug it should be done with the consultation of a doctor.
  • These warnings if carefully followed your experience with this smart drug will be good. You can buy avanafil online for better offers.