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Benoquin is one the magical and one of the best drugs invented for people dealing with Vitiligo. It is a skin disease where there are white patches formed on the skin. These white patches are very visible and they look different from the rest of the skin since they are light in color. To treat this benoquin (monobenzone) was introduced in the pharmaceutical industry. It is considered as a medical boon to everybody. It is applied on the patch and then it allows and helps the skin around the patch to become of the same color giving it an even look. This makes it look normal. Many have recommended this drug for the treatment of this white patch disease.

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Benoquin for skin lightening however should be used only after a medical consultation. A professional help is always essential for the dosage and also for the right application. Hence use this drug if you are dealing with the same problem. Your embarrassment of carrying such a white patch will no longer remain with you. It will treat your problem; however it will not cure it completely. For the same you can visit a skin doctor who can give you another option. Benoquin however with whatever treatment has been loved by many who have used it.

Action Mechanism of Benoquin (Monobenzone)

Every medication has a way of working. It is called the action mechanism. But the working mechanism differs from drug to drug. Benoquin also has a different and easy to understand working method. It works on the skin patches that have been formed because of a disease called Vitiligo. It can be treated effectively with the use of benoquin. Thought it is yet to discover the exact way of working, it is definitely clear that it works by making the skin tone around the patch light and thus giving it a even color. If correctly applied over the affected part it has been said and reported to give good and satisfactory results. Also benoquin cream if used and applied with a positive feeling and confidence, it gives better results. The dosage of the same is usually benoquin cream 20 (monobenzone).

Benoquin is a topical medication and is available in the form of a cream. You avail this cream online from various drug stores at the best possible prices. So buy benoquin cream at any online store and make sure the authenticity of the same if perfect. The application of this cream should be strictly for the affected area. Do not use it for any other purposes as this will only cause problems.

Precautionary Measures of Benoquin Ointment

  • For any drug the first and foremost rule is to take precautionary measures. By doing this, not only are you keeping yourself safe but also increasing the chances of a positive result from the application of drug. Benoquin is also no exception here. While using this cream make sure that you take some necessary precautionary measures. Also benoquin tube like any other drug also comes with many side effects. Hence a little carefulness from your side will help you stay away from any kind of severe side effects.
  • Ensure that you use benoquin for vitiligo only. Do not use this for any cosmetic purposes or for any other skin related issues. It is should be strictly used for skin’s white patches. While using this cream makes sure you apply it correctly on the affected part and not anywhere else. Take a detailed advice and medical consultation from your skin specialist about the pros and cons, side effects and also dosage of the particular drug. Do not apply this on any cracked or chapped skin area, as this will cause many other skin issues. Throughout the treatment process be in constant touch with your doctor so that he knows of all the improvements and can suggest you with any better alternate solutions if needed.

Dosage of Benoquin Cream 20 mg

  • The dosage of benoquin (monobenzone) will and should be decided only by your skin specialist after a detailed discussion and screening of your skin. Do not even try being your own doctor as this will prove costly to you. Apply the cream gently and evenly on the affected area. The quantity of the same will be told to you. If you have further doubts you can also look up the internet and get an in-depth knowledge about Benqouin for skin lightening. This will keep you aware and also the doctor’s advice to add to it will be an added advantage.

Common Side Effects of Benoquin

  • No drug ever invented has come without side effects. Especially when we are talking about a pharmaceutical drug, side effects are bound to happen. However it is totally on you as to how you want to handle these side effects. Some are mild and some are severe, some may take time to vanish and some stay longer. All this will also depend on how careful and wise you were in deciding the dosage and the application of it. Benoquin is also no exception here. It comes with side effects that are both mild and severe.
  • Some of the common effects caused by benoquin (monobenzone) are skin irritation, skin turning slightly red, cracking or peeling of skin. These side effects mentioned here are mild and they do not stay for a long time. If they do, it is your time to visit your doctor! There can be severe effects as well like feeling dizzy and giddy, severe itching on the skin rashes etc. They are severe and hence if you experience any of these make sure you do not wait for it worsen and get a medical help. Get you dose by buying benoquin online at many drug stores that offer this product at exciting prices.

Warnings of Benoquin

Take a look at some of the warning for using benoquin. It is important that you know this since you can be mentally prepared if anything overt happens.

  • Understand that it is a topical drug that comes in the form of a cream. Apply it only on the affected area and not on normal skin or not even on any chapped or cracked skin.
  • It does have side effects. They can be severe or mild. It depends on the dosage and also on your skin. Every skin is different from the other.
  • Medical guidance in necessary in the application of this cream hence makes sure that your dosage was not decided by you. Only a skin specialist can help you with the dosage.
  • Do not swallow this cream. If it comes in contact with your mouth make sure you wash it off with water immediately and then talk to your doctor about it.