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Admenta (Memantine Hcl)

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Admenta (Memantine Hcl) 10mg

Active Ingredient: Memantine HCL
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Memantine is a medicine belonging to the class of drugs known as NMDA receptor antagonists. It is very useful in treating dementias in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This medication makes people to think clearly and complete daily chores effectively. Patients of this disorder cannot function properly. However this medicine helps them to do their work on their own. By reducing the abnormal activities in brain, this drug repairs the issues in the central nervous system and reduces symptoms shown by the medication. It is an oral medication need to be consumed along with water.

Do not take it with alcohol or any other liquid. Memantine (Admenta) 10mg is the dosage taken once or twice a day. Do not consume excess medicine as it may cause negative effects on the health. Do involve your doctor while deciding the dosage pattern and making any changes in the same. Take the medication as directed by your doctor.

Action Mechanism of Admenta (Memantine HCL)

  1. Drugs works on the health issues with a specific mode of working known as mechanism of action. This is also called as mode of working. Memantine HCL is the chemical component of the drug that acts on the dementia issues and repair the fault. Generally central nervous system is involved in the control of movement and other biological processes that take place inside the body. By affecting some chemical present in the brain, this medication helps in reducing the signs caused by Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Memantine (Admenta) 10mg is the ideal dosage for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. However this is not the cure for this illness. It will only affect the neurotransmitters in the brain and repairs the issue present in them. Glutamate blockage by this drug helps in reducing the severity of the signs show by this disorder. One must keep this in mind that it is not the cure of the illness. Memantine only treats the condition, it doesn’t cure it. This can be used as supportive therapy along with other medications used in the management of Alzheimer’s disease. Do take Memantine as told by the physician. Do not take it in excess amount as it cause negative effects on the health which are bothersome.

Precautionary Measures of Memantine HCL

  • Do not take this smart drug if you develop allergic reaction to the chemical present in the drug. Some people tend to develop allergic signs when consumed the medication.
  • Admenta medicine may make you sleepy or steal your alertness that is why you need to be very careful while driving a vehicle post consumption of the medication.
  • Do not consume the medication in excess amount as it causes hazardous effects on the health. However if you overdose the drug you need to take immediate medical help.
  • People dealing with health issues such as seizures, kidney ailments, liver problems and eye disorders such as cataracts must discuss the pros and cons of the drug and then go for it if their doctor gives green signal to use this particular drug.
  • Memantine 10mg dosage shouldn’t be consumed along with alcohol. This causes severe side effects.
  • Do tell your doctor about any other drugs you are taking before using this smart drug. This may interfere with the working of other drugs causing various side issues and complications.
  • Stay in touch with your doctor in order to report any side effect or improvement in your symptoms.

Dosage of Admenta 10mg

  • Consulting with your physician would help you out while deciding the dosages of this medication. Generally Memantine (Admenta) 10mg is the standard dose for the treatment of dementias caused by Alzheimer’s disease. However your doctor may make changes in the dosing pattern according to the severity of your symptoms and off course your age. Take the drug with water and do not kiss the dose. Consuming the medicine along with alcohol affects the effectiveness of the medication and also causes hazardous effects on health. Do not make any changes in Memantine 10mg dosage on your own.

Common Side Effects of Admenta

  • Side effects and drug go hands in hand. There is no drug that claims side effects free treatment. Medicines may cause mild and severe side effects depending on the amount of drug have been consumed by the sufferer. Sometimes people mix up drugs with alcohol and it leads to several complications. Admenta is also one of the drugs that develop side issues in the consumer. These are mild in nature but in some cases serious aftermaths have been reported. It is because of the occurrence of allergic events because of Memantine HCL, a chemical component of drug.
  • Nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, fatigue, dizziness, headache, mood swings, unexpected weight loss, headaches etc are few of the mild side issues that develop in a consumer after having Memantine 10mg tablet. These are very gentle in nature and generally disappear within couple of days. you might need to take medical help in case if they become severe and stays for longer period of time. In very rare incidents Memantine (Admenta) 10mg may make one suffer from serious side effects. You need to look out for hallucinations, abnormal urination, pale skin, fainting, signs of high blood pressure, visual disturbance and so on. These side effects are very troubling and need immediate medical treatment.

Warnings of Admenta

  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure, kidney and liver issues then you must consult with your health care provider before using this medication.
  • People dealing with bladder infection or cataracts need to use this drug very carefully. Memantine 10mg is the ideal dosage for such people.
  • Do not take alcohol or any other beverages containing alcohol. Combining this drug with booze gives you nothing but health complications.
  • If you are using other drug then you must share the information with your doctor as drugs tend to interfere with each other causing unpleasant effects on health.
  • People may develop allergic reactions to the chemical Memantine HCL used in the making in the drug. if you develop any skin rash or itchiness indicating allergic reaction then you must stop using the drug.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of the drug in any conditions. This leads to hazardous effects on the health of the consumer.

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